• PARIS21 launches a Road Map for a Country-led Data Revolution

    PARIS21 unveils the road map, which sets out a broad programme of action to help developing...

  • WATCH the Road Map and join the data revolution!

    We’re living in a world-wide data revolution...but the data revolution isn’t reaching everyone...

  • GLOBAL CALL FOR INNOVATIONS: Making the Data Revolution happen

    Innovations are key to making the Data Revolution happen. Bright new ideas can come from all areas...

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Training on Measuring Violent Conflict
The World Bank's Living Standards Measurement Study team and the International Security and Development Center wil co-organise...
23 November 2015
Call for papers on agricultural statistics
Are you working on the economic/social/environmental dimensions of agricultural/forestry/fishery/rural statistics? Are you an...
3 August 2015
Malawi: training journalists on using data visualisation
In collaboration with Malawi's National Statistical Office, PARIS21 invited journalists, spokespersons from the national statistical...
29 July 2015
Cabo Verde: 40 years of independence and statistics
A country's history is told with facts and statistics. Therefore, to celebrate Cabo Verde 40 years of independence, the National Institute...
17 July 2015
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