Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT)

ADAPT: a tool to help NSOs adjust to changing data demands

PARIS21 has developed the Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT), an innovative planning tool for statistical offices to adapt to new demands and changing data practices.


What it does

ADAPT helps data producers in the national statistical system consult, cost and chart their indicators as defined by the national development plan. The tool is aimed at target countries trying to meet the demands of global agencies monitoring the SDGs and put these in context with their own national priorities.


ADAPT assists in the national consultative process of defining a monitoring framework for development. It allows registered users to provide input into the national monitoring log  frame and guide the planning process. Information such as data availability, reporting frequency and dissemination is kept for each indicator and shared with development partners.


ADAPT’s Costing Module provides solutions for statistical agencies interested in systematically estimating the cost of undertaking data collection operations. It provides quick estimations for long-term planning as well as programme-specific detailed budgeting. It also tracks financial commitments for data collection operations.


Charting helps a country develop their road map for achieving a data revolution for sustainable development and visualise gaps such as:

  • Financing gaps

  • Data gaps

  • Reporting gaps where frequency is lacking

  • Disaggregation gaps where detail is lacking


How it works

ADAPT is a web-based planning tool developed and supported by PARIS21. It is a consultative tool that brings development stakeholders together defining the measurement context within an indicator framework for monitoring development such as the SDGs and national, sectoral and sub-national development plans.

ADAPT allows for the identification of gaps in data, reporting, financing and disaggregation. ADAPT also contains planning and costing modules that facilitate the planning of data  collection and help advocating for better financing of statistics.

National Indicators by various classifications

Scheduling field operations

Financing panel for managing inputs

Cost allocation of surveys to their cost areas

Identifying financial gaps


Where we are now

ADAPT is currently being piloted in Rwanda, Cambodia and the Philippines. Cameroon and Bolivia are also acting as pilot-countries. These key pilot partner countries are currently using the alpha version of the tool. The beta version of the application should be available by the end of 2016. Certain functionality could be used in advance of the beta release to help facilitate the SDG assessment process.

Download the Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) brochure here.

For further information about ADAPT, please contact [email protected].