CRESS - Country Report on Support to Statistics

PARIS21 provides a snapshot of support to statistical capacity development worldwide through its Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS), which collects data from external providers of development co-operation. Based on the PRESS experience conducted at the international level, PARIS21 encouraged the launching of a pilot exercise named CRESS (Country Report on Support to Statistics) at the country level.

The CRESS is an initiative led by the country to gather all data relating to the funding of the National Statistical System (NSS), whether deriving from domestic resources or external aid. The ultimate objective is to improve efficiency of the NSS through better information sharing and co-ordination.

The CRESS is an important input into the National Strategies for the Development of Statistics design, in particular into its budgeted action plan. The inventory of support to the NSS that the CRESS provides will help the country identify gaps in funding the implementation of the NSDS and eliminate duplication of development interventions.

Since 2011, PARIS21 supported the national statistical offices in Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, the Philippines, Senegal and Vietnam in launching CRESS reports. All the countries showed strong interest, and relevant co-ordination has been established to push the initiative forward; Benin and Malawi are now producing their second CRESS.

CRESS reports: