Strong Ministerial Support for Equatorial Guinea’s NSDS


30 May 2016 to 3 June 2016

Invited by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística de Guinea Ecuatorial, PARIS21 recently participated in the validation of Equatorial Guinea’s 2016-2020 National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS). This new NSDS, developed with support from The World Bank, will allow the country to adequately adapt its statistical strategy to the recently established Sustainable Development Goals and monitor the implementation of the country’s National Economic and Social Development Plan (PNDES).

In attendance was Mr. Eucario Bakale Angüe, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investment. Mr. Angüe played an active role in the discussions and showed the sustained commitment of his ministry in the further development of statistical activities within the country. As statistics and data provide policy-makers with valuable information for informed decision making, this high-level involvement is essential for the advancement of Equatorial Guinea’s statistical development. During the session, the NSDS was validated by representatives of the National Statistical System and it will now be formally adopted by government authorities.

In the coming weeks, PARIS21 has agreed to support the technical costing of the NSDS and provide further technical assistance in the near future.

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