Guatemala: NSO Documentation Workshop


6 June 2016 to 10 June 2016


PARIS21 organised a Data Documentation Workshop in Guatemala to relaunch the National Statistics Office (NSO)'s documentation efforts. The workshop was held from June 6 – 10, 2016 at the Royal Palace Hotel.

Lic. Carlos Enrique Mancia Chua, the Director of Census and Surveys, opened and closed the workshop. He thanked PARIS21 for the initiative to relaunch the use of international standards within the NSO and explained the importance of documentation and dissemination activities. The workshop facilitator emphasised the importance of institutionalising the documentation process and to subsequently publish the metadata in Guatemala's Central NADA Catalogue. The 12 participants expressed the importance of receiving support from the executive office in order to implement the NSO's ADP Initiative. They also demonstrated the need of defining an official dissemination policy that promotes access to survey data from internal and external users with high quality metadata that preserves the confidentiality of informants.


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