Laos Conducts Mid-term Review of SDNSS


18 July 2016 to 22 July 2016

 LAO Mid-term Review of SDNSS

18-22 July 2016

The Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB), with assistance from PARIS21, organised a mid-term review of the Strategy for the Development of the National Statistical System (SDNSS) 2010-2020.  A consultation workshop was held on 21 July to allow LSB and other line ministries and agencies to present their accomplishments and milestones in the implementation of the SDNSS 2010-2020.  Feedback from data users were likewise sought with the objective of improving the work of LSB and other data producers in the NSS.

The mid-term review aims to assess progress in the implementation of the ten-year SDNSS, evaluate the alignment of the remaining targets with the 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan of the Lao Government (8th NSEDP), and identify priority key areas for implementation in 2016-2020 that would address the needs of the government while taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The final report on the mid-term review will be disseminated towards end of September.

Following the mid-term review of the SDNSS, the LSB will be updating the strategy in line with the new development plan for 2016-2020 and SDG monitoring requirements.  

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