Myanmar Continues Peer Review Success in Asia-Pacific


27 June 2016 to 1 July 2016


At the request of the Myanmar Central Statistical Organization (CSO), PARIS21 organised a peer review mission to assess the current state of the country’s national statistical system (NSS).  The peer review team, composed of senior officials from the Malaysia Department of Statistics, Philippine Statistics Authority, and ASEANStats Unit, with PARIS21 as facilitator, visited Naypyitaw on 27 June to 1 July 2016 to conduct a series of consultation meetings with key stakeholders.

The peer review exercise aims to identify critical bottlenecks across 4 thematic areas, namely:

  • organisation and management of the NSS
  • managing statistical processes
  • assuring quality of statistical outputs
  • data dissemination, communication and use

The review process promotes south-south learning on statistical development and country level best practice exchange through the "ASEAN help ASEAN" programme, while at the same time serves as advocacy to High Level Committee on Data Accuracy and Quality of Statistics to accelerate change processes towards reforming the NSS.

Preliminary findings and initial recommendations of the peer review team were presented to the CSO leadership and senior officials from other key sectoral Departments on 1 July, for validation.  The final peer review report will be disseminated to stakeholders in September.

Myanmar is the second country in the Asia-Pacific region to conduct a peer review. PARIS21 has facilitated a number of peer review exercises in African countries since 2009.

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