Shaping the SDG Data Revolution Roadmap in Tanzania and Kenya


12 August 2016 to 17 August 2016

Dr. Albina Chuwa, Director General of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics and colleagues watching ADAPT in action as Rajiv Ranjan from PARIS21 demonstrates.  

PARIS21 participated in the Tanzania National Workshop on Data Roadmap for Sustainable Development (August 12-13, 2016) and Kenya National Workshop on SDGs Roadmap and Data Ecosystem (August 15-16, 2016).

Organised by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD), in Tanzania, with the National Bureau of Statistics and in Kenya with the Office of the Deputy President, the workshops generated awareness among participants about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and underlined the roles of different stakeholders, including the National Statistical Systems, in the data revolution. The workshops facilitated the understanding and need for mapping the data ecosystem, including capacity and budget aspects, and possible sources of support towards reporting on the SDG indicators.

PARIS21 showcased its Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) during both events. The National Statistics Offices of Tanzania and Kenya appreciated the value in overlaying indicators for the SDGs and national development plans, in order to assess data gaps for both programming tools – a functionality, which is comprehensibly facilitated by ADAPT. 

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