Shaping the SDG Data Revolution Roadmap in Sierra Leone


14 June 2016 to 15 June 2016

Shaping SDG Data Revolution Roadmap in Sierra Leone

Sierre Leone national workshop, 14-15 June 2016

PARIS21 participated in the two day Sierra Leone national workshop on the Data Roadmap for Sustainable Development. The event was organised by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) in collaboration with the Right to Access Information Commission and Open Data Council, Sierra Leone. This workshop brought together the main actors in the emerging data eco-system to identify strategic data opportunities and guidance that would help facilitate SDG planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. PARIS21 also showcased its Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT). Statistics Sierra Leone and other participants saw value in the tool for facilitating assessment, planning and management of the data-ecosystem in Sierra Leone.

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