The PARIS21 Secretariat participates in the implementation of the Cape Town Global Action Plan, and contributes to monitoring its progress. The Cape Town Global Action Plan (CTGAP) was presented during the 1st UN World Data Forum in Cape Town, South Africa. It was approved at the 2017 United Nations Statistical Commission. The CTGAP is one of the overarching framework for global statistical capacity development.

The CTGAP calls for commitment from governments, policy leaders and the international community to undertake key actions under six strategic areas:

  1. Coordination and strategic leadership on data for sustainable development

  2. Innovation and modernisation of national statistical systems

  3. Strengthening of basic statistical activities and programmes, with particular focus on addressing the monitoring needs of the 2030 Agenda

  4. Dissemination and use of sustainable development data

  5. Multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development data

  6. Mobilise resources and coordinate efforts for statistical capacity building

“We call for policy leaders to achieve a global pact or alliance that recognises the funding of NSS modernisation efforts is essential to the full implementation of Agenda 2030. “

PARIS21 has previously acted as Secretariat for the Busan Action Plan for Statistics (BAPS) and the Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics (MAPS).

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