PARIS21 Secretariat Contact Information

How to reach us:

The PARIS21 Secretariat is hosted within the OECD. PARIS21's offices are located just outside of Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt. The nearest metro station is Pont de Saint-Cloud (line 10). The OECD's headquarters (and therefore PARIS21's mailing address) are in Paris, near the La Muette metro station (line 9). 

The PARIS21 Team:

MrJohannes JÜTTINGSecretariat Manager
MsNatasha BALEAssistant to the Secretariat Manager
MrRolando AVENDANOPolicy Analyst
MsHeather TIMM Budget and Human Resource Officer
MrPeter CARLSONCommunications and Results Management Officer
Country Programme
MsEl Iza MOHAMEDOUDeputy Secretariat Manager
MrKoffi Eyram ZOUGBEDEJunior Analyst
 Data Team
MrFrançois FONTENEAUTechnical Programme Co-ordinator
MrRajiv RANJANTechnical Programme Officer
MrGiorgi SHARVADZEApplication and Database Developer
MrYu TIANJunior Analyst
MsBarbara BAREDESIntern
 Policy Team
MsMillicent Gay TEJADARegional Programme Co-ordinator
MrRafik MahjoubiRegional Programme Co-ordinator
MrRudy PETRASRegional Programme Co-ordinator
MsEmer HEENANAssistant
MsMagali SOCHAYAssistant






mailing address :
PARIS21 Secretariat
2 rue Andre Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16 FRANCE