• Strengthening CRVS Systems to Improve Gender Equality

    Join us at the HLPF for our side-event on 19 July.

  • Platform for Innovations in Statistics (PISTA)

    Using innovations in statistical capacity to match identified challenges to potential solutions.

  • Piloting the new Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT)

    An innovative planning tool for statistical offices to adapt to changing data demands.

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IASE Roundtable Conference in Berlin
International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) Roundtable ConferenceBerlin, Germany, 19-21 JulyPARIS21 presented a...
19 Juillet 2016
Multidimensional Country Review (MDCR) of Senegal
Multidimensional Country Review (MDCR) of Senegal PARIS21 participated in the MDCR in Senegal. This is a fruitful collaboration between...
11 Juillet 2016
Equatorial Guinea Uses ADAPT to Cost NSDS
In early June the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) was launched in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. As a follow-up...
3 Juillet 2016
Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management "Think Tanking"
PARIS21 participated at the 5th Central Bank Governors’ Think Tanking held at the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management...
30 Juin 2016
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