06 Sep 2016
PARIS21 attended the 2016 RSS Conference in Manchester, UK and presented a global indicator for statistical literacy and case s

06 Sep 2016
Afghanistan is among the developing countries which is determined to move forward with social and economic development. Despite slow progress, the government is taking significant steps in improving processes for designing policies, plans and programmes in various sectors.

05 Sep 2016
PARIS21 demonstrates the Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) to delegates from South-Asia in India in the first of series of Sub-regional Workshops on Data and Statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Facilitating discussions and strengthening capacities to develop sub-regional and national level actions, the five-day workshop in South-Asia on data and statistics for the Susta

04 Sep 2016
Dr. Hussien Abdelaziz welcomes representatives from PARIS21, UNECA and AFDB. Egypt's Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) has started drafting the country's first ever National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS).

30 Aug 2016
PARIS21 presented on “Capacity building for innovations in official statistics” at the 3rd International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics in Dublin, Ireland, from 30 August to 1 September, an annual meeting of the Global Working Group (GWG).

29 Aug 2016
PARIS21 participated in the 8th meeting of the SAARCSTAT held in New Delhi India on 29-31 August to discuss the proposed RSDS preparation and strengthen regional statistical co-operation.  The participants agreed to launch a review of regional cooperation on statistics, milestones achieved following the implementation of the SAARCSTAT Ac

12 Aug 2016
Dr. Albina Chuwa, Director General of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics and colleagues watching ADAPT in action as Rajiv Ranjan from PARIS21 demonstrates.

30 Jul 2016
PARIS21 and Bolivia's Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) pilot tested the implementation of ADAPT.

26 Jul 2016
From 26 to 28 July, PARIS21 organised a national workshop on Statistics and Public Relations in Sao Tome & Principe. This was the first workshop of this type in Sao Tome & Principe; it gathered together twenty participants, journalists and statisticians, including the Director General of the National Statistical Office.

25 Jul 2016
PARIS21 conducted a microdata documentation workshop in Doso, Niger from 25-29 July. Twenty-two surveys were documented across the statistical system and will be posted on the Nigerien NADA.  The INS in Niger organised the workshop and mobilised various agencies in the statistical system.

19 Jul 2016
International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) Roundtable ConferenceBerlin, Germany, 19-21 JulyPARIS21 presented a new methodology for measuring national statistical literacy using national newspaper archives at the IASE Roundtable Conference on “Promoting Understanding of Statistics about Society” in Berlin, Germany.

18 Jul 2016
 LAO Mid-term Review of SDNSS18-22 July 2016The Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB), with assistance from PARIS21, organised a mid-term review of the Strategy for the Development of the National Statistical System (SDNSS) 2010-2020.  A consultation workshop was held on 21 July to allow LSB and other line ministries and agencies to present