03 Aug 2015
Are you working on the economic/social/environmental dimensions of agricultural/forestry/fishery/rural statistics?

29 Jul 2015
In collaboration with Malawi's National Statistical Office, PARIS21 invited journalists, spokespersons from the national statistical system line ministries and statisticians from the national statistical office to participate in the workshop 'Communicating Data through Visualization' in Salima, Malawi.

17 Jul 2015
A country's history is told with facts and statistics.

07 Jul 2015
PARIS21's Manager Johannes Jutting co-authored with the Director of Data-Pop Alliance Emmanuel Letouzé a research paper on 'Official Statistics, Big Data and Human Development'.Abstract:Most current discussions on Big Data mainly focus on if and how it can contribute to producing faster, cheaper, more frequent and different development ind

06 Jul 2015
The Asia-Pacific Statistics newsletter is out, read the updates on regional collaboration for the post-2015 development agenda, an interview with Mr Ramesh Kolli, former member of the National Statistical Commission of India and recent updates, meetings and publications.

03 Jul 2015
How partnerships can mobilize and coordinate efforts to strengthen statistics?Open Data Watch's report on Partnership and Financing for Statistics offers lessons learned from 27 evaluations of statistical capacity programs and makes a set of re

10 Jun 2015
PARIS21 held an information session for the students of the École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique in Dakar. Over 100 students attended this informative session to explain the proccess of the National Strategies for th

10 Jun 2015
The Accelerated Data Programme (ADP) held a regional training in data documentation and dissemination for Laos and Vietnam, in collaboration with Mekong Economics (MKE) Ltd., an economic consulting company in the Greater Mekong sub-region.To continue this efforst and better serve the needs of national statistical offices, two microdata outreach wor

30 Apr 2015
PARIS21 is looking for a consultant to assist the Afghanistan Central Statistics Organization in the preparation of the National Srategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) road map, orient the national statsitical system stakeholders about the NSDS framework and process and provide guidance and on matters related to NSDS formulation.

13 Apr 2015
PARIS21 organised a high-level advocacy event on financing statistics in the post-2015 context during the 25th session of the AFRISTAT Ministers’ Council in Bamako, Mali. PARIS21 invited Mr. Ali Gamatie, former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Niger, to speak to the Ministers of Finance and Planning from twelve French speaking African countries on 9 April 2015.Mr.

01 Apr 2015
The Anguilla Statistics Department (ASD) under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, Investment, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Anguilla in collaboration with the Partnership of Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) is looking for a consultant for the Development of a National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) for Anguilla.The