4th April 2018

Kursaal Bern Conference Centre; Room Sopra Grande

Bern, Switzerland

New information technologies have resulted in the current “post-truth” digital era, where the spread of “fake news” through social media and complex algorithms have led to divisive virtual echo chambers and information bubbles of like-minded people.

Polarised opinion landscapes and widespread misinformation have formed in an environment where emotions and beliefs prevail over facts and evidence. Against this background, there is a growing consensus among policy makers that something needs to be done to regulate the new data ecosystem, educate citizens and limit the misuse of data and information.

In today’s fragmented information landscape, this conference will look at how official statistics and data play a critical role in making true and reliable information available to society and encouraging the use of facts and evidence by citizens.

The full agenda will be available soon.


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Logistical Information

Logistical Note

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda

This conference is organised under the auspices of the PARIS21 Annual Meetings, in collaboration with the Swiss government.