This is a hands-on 2 days’ workshop with participants exploring how to communicate on data and integrating visualization in data releases as part of an on-going communication strategy. Participants will also be capacitated on how best they can explore and use visualization tools already embedded in existing data portals.


Preparation and prerequisites

·         No prior technology or graphic design experience is necessary.

·         An awareness of the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of statistics (user-centered design concepts) is helpful.

·         An awareness of data concepts is helpful.

·         For journalists, those who have been involved or are actually using statistics in their reporting (not just random media person interested in data visualization; they must already show some work done on news reporting with data).





1. Data and knowledge in the digital age


2. Telling stories from data


3. Data stories and visuals – basic principles


4. From data stories to a data communication environment


5. The data communication workflow

NSOs websites

6. Demonstration of data viz tools






Statisticians, other producers of statistics from Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies[1], Academics[2], Journalists[3]



Knowledge in statistical interpretation, use of excel




Statistical Literacy

Data storytelling

Previous trainings

Botswana, The Gambia, Malawi, Nigeria


Review of the 2013 Preliminary Census Report for The Gambia


[1] Those in charge of data dissemination in the NSOs or other agencies in the NSS. So as to limit the training to people who will be actually responsible for doing data visualization work.

[2] The academics to be tapped for the training should contribute to NSO/NSS work.  It is preferable that they have prior engagement with NSOs/NSS so that they would support statistics work in the country.

[3] Those who have been involved or are actually using statistics in their reporting. They must already show some work done on news reporting with data.

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