Since its creation, PARIS21 has played a key role in advocating for increased involvement of national stakeholders in statistical development and enhancing the status of statistics in major international initiatives. This has involved the production of statistical advocacy materials promoting the increased use of statistics in decision-making, the building of statistical capacity, and the need for a well financed NSDS integrated into wider development policy frameworks.

Effective advocacy for statistics, both in terms of promoting evidence-based decision making as well as ensuring that statistical activities are properly financed and resourced, is crucial if the long-term vision of developing national statistical systems is to be achieved. While there may be greater awareness of the need for better data generally as a result of the emphasis on global monitoring including MDGs, and on national poverty reduction strategies, the case for further strengthening of official statistics still needs to be made with policy makers and data users at all levels.

PARIS21 is in a unique position, not only to undertake advocacy itself at the international and regional level, but also to provide support and access to advocacy material to the managers of national statistical systems. Details on how PARIS21 can help with advocacy efforts are outlined in the "Advocacy at a Glance" catalogue.

On these pages, users will find materials that they can adapt for their own advocacy efforts. Should you like to receive hard copies of any of these materials, please contact the PARIS21 Secretariat.

How PARIS21 can help you with advocacy efforts?

Download our Advocacy Toolkit

The toolkit aims to help managers and statisticians in developing countries conduct their own advocacy work. It gathers in a single package the methodology, tools, tips and messages to advocate for statistics.

Develop your own advocacy strategy

PARIS21 helps countries and regional institutions to implement their advocacy strategies and to produce advocacy materials including booklets, posters and leaflets. Our knowledge base contains some of these advocacy materials, produced by national authorities and regional bodies in collaboration with the PARIS21 Secretariat.

Produce your advocacy clip

The PARIS21 Vimeo channel offers advocacy clips and films promoting statistical capacity development in developing countries. Some clips have been produced in collaboration with our statistical partners in developing countries. 

Prepare your advocacy event

We can help run training courses, workshops or other events that advocate for statistics, or bring the users and producers of statistics closer together. Visit our news section for some examples of events we organised, or click here to check our latest user-producer dialogue held in the Philippines.


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