NSDS Final Evaluation report for Liberia published


20 December 2013

The government of Liberia is guided by a Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) which requires quality statistical information for evidence based policies and decision making processes of programmes. LISGIS spearheaded the design and implementation of the Liberia National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (LNSDS) 2008-2013 to re-build statistical capacity and strengthen coordination across the agencies that generate statistics.

The implementation of the LNSDS has yielded substantive improvement in the production of relevant statistical information by the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-information System (LISGIS) and other Ministries and Agencies1 with the responsibility of collecting, analysing and disseminating statistics in Liberia.

This evaluation has been undertaken as part of the implementation Plan to ascertain the extent to which the LNSDS has been fully implemented. The LNSDS evaluation built on the mid-term assessment (2010) findings. The mid-term assessment generated a lot of information regarding the trend of implementation, highlighted the gaps and recommended what needed to be considered by LISGIS. The evaluation exercise registered accomplishments since 2010, attracted recommendations, and solicited priority actions to inform the LNSDS II, whose design and drafting are underway.

Download "Evaluation of the Implementation of the Liberia National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (2008-2012)"

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