The PARIS21 Secretariat has launched pilot exercises of the Country Report on Support to Statistics (CRESS) in Ghana and Benin in co-operation with the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and the Institut National de Statistique et de l'Analyse Economique du Bénin (INSAE).

The reports, which will be published in the coming months, will use a new methodology to shed light on the development of statistical capacities in both countries. The CRESS will reveal and share information on the distribution of national and international statistical resources in different development sectors in Ghana and Benin. It will also help to identify neglected sectors, measure the funding gap, stimulate dialogue in the area of statistical development, and mobilise improved co-ordination and support to statistical development.

The pilot exercises were launched during two separate meetings that took place on the 31st of January in Accra and on the 4th of February in Cotonou.

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