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25 March 2013

ADP giving emphasis on the design and adoption of microdata dissemination policies in Asia

Country / Regional Activity: Georgia, Cambodia, Lao PDR

Date of Event: 21/03/2013

In its efforts to assist national statistics offices in enhancing the dissemination of their products, ADP is providing assistance to several countries in the formulation of their Microdata Dissemination Policy. ADP is currently working with Georgia GEOSTAT, Cambodia’s National Institute of Statistics and the Lao Statistics Bureau, both in the final stages of the policy design. The objective is to clarify who can access which type of microdata under which conditions, in accordance with the legal and strategic national contexts. Additional countries have requested similar support - including in other regions, and will receive it in 2013.

India and Sri Lanka make more surveys available on-line (March 2013)

Country / Regional Activity: India, Sri Lanka

Date of Event: 21/03/2013

India Computer Center (MOSPI/CC) and Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) are already agencies with a large number of surveys made available in their on-line NADA catalogs. CC, who joined ADP in 2011, now houses 118 surveys in their NADA which is accessible through the MOSPI. Sri Lanka, whose NADA holds the greatest number of surveys and studies among ADP participating agencies since 2009, uploaded 8 more bringing their total to 374. These two agencies have successfuly internalized microdata documentation, preservation and dissemination.

IHSN tools help BLES Philippines uphold ISO certification (March 2013)

Country / Regional Activity: Philippines

Date of Event: 20/03/2013

In 2008, the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES) of the Philippines established its Quality Management System (QMS) and was certified as compliant to ISO 9001:2008. Upon getting to know of the IHSN Toolkit in 2009, BLES found the tools that greatly facilitated their documentation process, which was an integral part of QMS. Since the launch of their data archive, called BLES Electronic Archived Microdata System (BEAMS), in 2010, BLES has regularly added new studies.

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