ADP in Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador


15 April 2013

Uruguay INE innovates and proposes new services to survey data users.

New services are continually being added for Uruguay's microdata users from its NADA on-line survey catalog. Full news item here.

Colombia DANE progressing on DDI expansion with other statistical producers.

As a part of DANE's strategy to promote improved microdata management in the Colombia Statistical System, DDI awareness events and basic training are being supported by the ADP. Full news item here.

Ecuador INEC starts releasing microdata through their NADA catalog. Current features include:

  • 94 statistical operations documented, 6 years of data collection covered.
  • Sample surveys, administrative records and censuses are part of the NADA Catalogue.
  • Direct access to microdata files, in accordance with the microdata files dissemination policy of INEC. Full news item here.
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