The PARIS21 and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) secretariat will co-organize the workshop in co-ordination with the INE Mozambique from 14 –15 October, 2013.  It will bring together senior statisticians, policy makers and various users of statistics from the SADC countries.  The purpose of the workshop is to support the development of statistics in the SADC region by reinforcing the dialogue of the main stakeholders involved in statistical development policies in the SADC region.  Specifically, the workshop will aim to answer the question “How do we  adapt the statistical system to achieve better development results?. At the end of the meeting, a series of recommendations will be endorsed by participants. These recommendations will focus on:

  • How to strengthen the dialogue between producers and users of statistics.
  • How to mobilize funding for the implementation of the NSDSs.
  • How to advocate for a better commitment of policy makers and development partners for the development of statistics.
  • How to improve the tools and instruments for promoting statistics.
  • How to mainstream and link statistics into the results agenda.

This workshop will bring together 40 participants from the SADC countries. For each country, the delegation will be composed of the Director-General of National Statistics Offices, the Head of the Planning unit (the PRSP or development strategy Coordinator) and a representative from the user community. International and regional organizations will also be invited in order to reinforce the regional partnership and address the issues together through discussions, working groups, and seminars.