Read on for a description of the upcoming National Statistics Day Forum in Doha, Qatar, to be held on 10 December 2013.

"Qatar celebrates the National Statistics Day every year, on December 10, in an auspicious manner. In addition, 2013 is also being celebrated across the world as the ‘International Year of Statistics’. This year’s celebration is also special as it is the first event of this type since the formation of the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, after combining the General Secretariat for Development Planning and Qatar Statistics Authority. On this very special occasion, we are organizing a “National Statistics Day Forum” on 10, Dec 2013. The Forum is organized under the patronage of H.E. the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

The Forum will discuss various emerging issues in Official Statistics, and will place prime focus on the use of statistics in formulating evidence–based policies, and for the monitoring of the National Development Strategies (2011-2016). It is expected that the Forum will produce a long term vision towards timely, coherent, reliable, compatible, accessible and premium quality data to satisfy individual user’s unique needs at the National and International levels.

It is also expected that the forum will identify National and International Initiatives to be considered in the process of modernizing the official statistics in Qatar. The Forum will assist in defining the major data sets needed by the core statistics users in the Country. In addition, the Forum will shed light on the works of the Statistical Commission of the UN on the Fundamental Principle of Official Statistics and also on the role of the international statistical community to evaluate the extent the development goals are achieved by adopting the statistical principles in general. In fact this shall lead us to the preparation of National Statistics and indicators related to international development goals post 2015, which is thought of as a data revolution at the international level.

The following outcomes are expected from the Forum:

  1. A clear vision on domains of statistics needed in order to monitor various National Development Strategies (2011 – 2016) and policies and projects.
  2. Critical insights for the effective implementation of the Post 2015 International Development Agenda and the related statistical work.
  3. A long term vision to develop a second generation statistical strategy (NSDS 2014-2019) to modernize the statistical system of Qatar to enable the production of quality data and statistics, statistical inferences/reports to help the Government in evidence based policy making.

A number of experts from National, Regional and International bodies are expected to participate in the Forum and give presentations on various aspects of good practices in Official Statistics and in developing and monitoring national development strategies and policies. National officials and experts will elaborate on the use of statistical data and products in Qatar for the formulation of sectoral strategies and the challenges they face in the implementation process with special emphasis on unmet data needs.

Simultaneous interpretation from English to Arabic and vice versa will be available."

Click here to download the agenda for this event.
Agenda_6_11_2013 (3).pdf