Leave no data behind: CRVS and the data revolution
Tuesday, 25 November 2014, 13:00-14:00
Live webcast
Quality statistics are fundamental to a data revolution that improves lives. They inform development policies and programs, support the delivery of essential public services, and promote accountability and transparency. Vital statistics produced from a complete civil registration system, like official statistics from other reliable administrative sources, will be indispensable in monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals. However, in many developing countries civil registration systems remain incomplete and thus inadequate for producing useful vital statistics. This session will open with a video documentary followed by a panel on the challenges and impediments to generating quality vital statistics, as well as providing recommendations for ensuring maximum use of civil registration data for development. The discussion will focus on the potential role and responsibilities of national statistical systems to effectively bridge the gap in generating vital statistics and promoting their use in governance, policy, and planning.
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