Leave No Data Behind, Leave No One Behind


25 November 2014

Quality statistics are essential in order to guide governments to invest efficiently their resources efficiently. In low income countries more than 70% of births are not registered. Therefore, reliable demographic data, as provided by a complete Civil and Vital Registration System (CRVS) is and will continue to be essential, particularly as the world gets ready to measure the new post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Many developing countries will need to strengthen their CRVSs to increase coverage and ensure that everyone is counted and no one is left behind.

The PARIS21 project Informing a Data Revolution is putting developing countries at the foreground of the discussion in order to guide them on how to work towards strengthening their statistical systems in the lead up to the post-2015 agenda. In order to provide a platform to discuss the links between the data revolution and CRVS, PARIS21 held a session at the Ministerial Conference on CRVS in Asia and the Pacific ‘Leave No Data behind: CRVS and the data revolution’. The session opened with the launch of the video 'Everyone Counts, Count Everyone' . The documentary makes the case for the importance of using CRVS statistics to better allocate government resources and guide policymakers in their planning and governance decisions at national and regional levels.

In the lively panel discussion, numerous actions were suggested CRVS and the Data Revolutionas a way to strengthen the national statistical systems, link the national statistics offices with CRVS, and integrate CRVS initiatives in the sustainable development agenda and the data revolution.

The discussion was moderated by Johannes Jutting, Secretariat Manager at PARIS21 with the participation of:

  • Dr. Lisa Grace Bersales, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, Philippine Statistics Authority
  • Mr. Helge Brunborg, Senior Research Fellow, Statistics Norway
  • Hon. Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell, Minister of Public Enterprise, Government of Samoa
  • Ms. Haishan Fu, Director, Development Economics Data Group, World Bank Group


    CRVS and the Data Revolution
    Photograph: left to right, Johannes Jutting, Helge Brunborg, Lautafi Fio Selafi, Haishan Fu and Lisa Grace Bersales at the Ministerial Conference on CRVS.

  • Webcast of the panel discussion
  • CRVS video documentary
  • Programme of the event


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