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13 April 2015

PARIS21 organised a high-level advocacy event on financing statistics in the post-2015 context during the 25th session of the AFRISTAT Ministers’ Council in Bamako, Mali. PARIS21 invited Mr. Ali Gamatie, former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Niger, to speak to the Ministers of Finance and Planning from twelve French speaking African countries on 9 April 2015.

Mr. Gamatie called the Ministers to increase their support to statistical development and to fullfill their current and future funding commitments to AFRISTAT, on a changing context. Mr. Ali Gamatie at the event on financing statistics during AFRISTAT 25th sessionThe United Nations will endorse the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the end of 2015. The SDGs will require more disaggregated (particularly by gender and geographical localisation) timely and frequent data, and on new arease such as governance or climate change. Moreover, new producers and users of statistical information are emerging, in particular from the private sector and civil society. Mr. Gamatie highlighted that it is essential to provide institutions working for statistical development at the regional, sub-regional and national levels enough resources to face these new challenges in a sustainable way, for them as African leaders committed to the Common African Position (CAP) on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and in the African Charter on Statistics.

Partipants at the statistics event during AFRISTAT 25th session


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