Partnership and Financing for Statistics: lessons from Open Data Watch


3 July 2015

How partnerships can mobilize and coordinate efforts to strengthen statistics?

Open Data Watch's report on Partnership and Financing for Statistics offers lessons learned from 27 evaluations of statistical capacity programs and makes a set of recommendations to inform the post-2015 agenda on the importance of strenghtening capacity building in developing countries, such as:

  • There is a need to provide support and advice during the process of preparing project and program proposals, especially in countries with relatively weak and inexperienced statistical systems, where the need for external support is the greatest. As the evaluation of the SRF indicates, the role of an in-country statistician provided by a lead donor can be very important and useful.
  • It is also important to provide sufficient time for effective internal discussions during the preparation phase. Establishing appropriate mechanisms for consultation and coordination involving all the main stakeholders seems to be an important pre-condition for a successful program.
  • New ways of providing assistance, such as system-wide approaches, basket funds, and budget support are needed to help countries manage externally funded programs. This seems to be especially important in areas such as financial management and procurement when countries are required to deal with several donors simultaneously. Establishing mechanisms that can be used by all donors is an important way of reducing the transaction costs of recipient governments.
  • Donors and international agencies need to work effectively together to integrate and coordinate their financial aid and their technical assistance.


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