Reinforcing Statistical Co-operation at the Regional Level Towards Sustainable Development

This is a vital moment for regional development data and statistics. The agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will put unprecedented pressure on regions to produce more and better data for monitoring, reporting and decision making.  Regional cooperation will be of pivotal importance to produce quality, comparable and harmonized data to support development specifically to design, implement and evaluate regional and national policies and programs. 

PARIS21 Regional Forum endeavours to establish the objectives and purpose behind regional statistics, the different strategies and programs, how statistics cooperation effectively contributes to improved national and regional statistical capacities, and the benefits derived from such cooperation.

The 2-day forum brought together regional bodies and development partners from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe to discuss various experiences, and share good practices and lessons learned in regional statistical cooperation. The shared lessons and experiences will serve as foundations for set of recommendations to inform the guidelines on regional strategies for the development of statistics (RSDS) to be released in 2016. The Forum recognised the critical role regional organisations will play in global and national statistical development post-2015.

Below you can find, the agenda, list of participants, a summary of the forum and keynote presentations of the various sessions:


1. Agenda

2. List of Participants

3. Presentations:

4. RSDS Forum Summary



PARIS21 Regional Workshop




5 October 2015 to 6 October 2015