We offer on a pilot phase new modular workshops designed to respond to National Statistical Offices' demands on new trends in data. These workshops leverage competencies that are available at the OECD in the use of R statistical programming language and SDMX standards.

· Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Coverage Evaluation

Coverage of the CRVS is one of the most important aspects of determining the effectiveness of a civil registration system. Coverage involves comparing census data with civil registration and survey data. This is a 3-day country based course and will be focus on the  NSO perspective and role in validating civil registration data.  This workshop should bring together technical personnel from the various agencies involved in managing data in the civil registration system.

· Mobile Phone Data and Migration

The use of Big Data often refers to the use of mobile phone data in various applications. One such application is the use of mobile phone data in monitoring migration and tourism. This workshop can be combined with other data management and dissemination workshops or can be a more in-depth methodological

· SDMX basics

PARIS21 through the OECD will be selectively introducing the .stat data portal. Outside of the potential .STAT implementation PARIS21 seeks to leverage in-house OECD capacity in SDMX and undertake workshops in developing countries and build capacity and autonomy in the use of this standard. This will be a workshop focusing on the standard and how it is used in various applications such as: UNICEF DevInfo; UNSD Country DATA and others. It aims to introduce NSOs to the standard and evaluate statistical products critically based on their use of the standard.

· Data Visualization Using R

R is an open sourced analytic tool with many users and provides a forum for sharing routines undertaken in data analysis, including visualization. PARIS21 has developed a workshop approach that introduces analysts in NSOs on the use or R as a visualization platform. This is a hands on workshop. The objective of the workshop is to introduce users to R and how to search the available tools in the R community for data visualization.

· Reconciling Administrative Data and Survey Data

Reconciling routine data and survey data is not an easy task as discrepancies in data and computational methodology can lead to different results. NSOs should be involved in improving routine data collection by providing guidance in methodology and serve a key consultative bridge-building role.  Building a collaborative platform and methodological approach can go a long way to improving system performance. This workshop will seek to bring key statistical producers in both the NSO and the sector and will look at comparability of data. This is a hands on workshop that will seek to reconcile sector administrative data with survey data.

· Sustainable Development Goals Data Module

This workshop will seek to build on work to be undertaken by the UNSD in doing data assessments for reporting on the SDGs. A great deal of effort has gone into costing the SDGs. This workshop will evaluate the data sources and the reporting techniques being used to report on the SGDs. It will work with countries to seek ways to alleviate country reporting requirements by looking at institutional processes and innovation in process management. It will also seek to return information to the public domain on real costing issues at the country level for reporting. 

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