• Data Dissemination Policy Development

PARIS21 will work across actors in the national statistical system and develop a consultative approach to data dissemination. Emphasis will be placed on promoting a common data dissemination policy across sectors and include developing policies that align with statistical laws and allow where possible, clear and public policies on accessing: survey data; administrative; setting up release calendars; managing publication releases; dealing with revisions. This is a 3-5 day workshop and can be undertaken in the country or at a regional level.

• Data User Management and Promotion

User Management and the promotion of data products are critical to maintain the stature and reputation of the NSO. This workshop is geared at promoting data products to policy makers and researchers. The workshop begins with a preparation phase and involves the NSO undertake a user survey. It then will use evaluation tools and Google Analytics to evaluate traffic to different data portals and then craft a workshop based on a strategic approach and evaluating the effectiveness of the promotional event by evaluating increase traffic to the web portals. This workshop also includes developing a follow up plan to maintain communication with the NSO user base and maintain the momentum generated after the workshop. This is a 2-3 day workshop with a 3-month preparation period and a 3-month post workshop promotion and evaluation.

• Data Nodal analysis to identify statistical production process constraints 

Nodal Analysis is a method used in engineering to identify nodes or points where a system shows areas of flow blockage or bottlenecks to production. Nodal analysis uses existing statistical capacity assessment frameworks and applies them in specific areas and provides a diagnosis. These assessments can then be used to identify a package of solutions, including costing the implementation of innovative solutions. This is a 5-day country visit and depending on the focus it will involve individual consultation and evaluation and small working groups and provide potential solutions.

• Using Innovations to improve statistical production process constrains 

PARIS21 has created an Innovation Inventory which provides descriptions of innovations and maps these innovations to potential areas of process improvement. Together with the Data Nodal Analysis, the Innovation Inventory forms part of a dual approach to solving bottlenecks in the data production process. The PARIS21 Innovations Inventory will provide solutions to the problems identified in the Data Nodal Analysis. Building on the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM), the innovation inventory will provide browsable content to help organizations research the most appropriate solutions to their problems.

• Data collection planning and the National Strategies for the Development of Strategies (NSDS) Data Module 

The NSDS Data Module is an on-line tool to assist countries to develop a national consensus on a harmonized national indicator framework for monitoring development priorities. It leverages technology and provides a distributed environment for working on building and costing a national monitoring frame.  It includes a data collection planning module and a module to cost these activities based on a central cost database to facilitate management. The outputs include financial reports and graphic output for helping mobilize funding and advocacy for investing in statistics

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