• Data Portal Management

Countries are often confronted with choices and offers to use free data portals to facilitate data dissemination. PARIS21 offers various services to help NSOs manage different portals. This evaluation of portal management should be part of the NSDS to address areas where capacity is lacking. This is a 3-day workshop designed to discuss the various different portals and how they should be used to enhance the day-to-day operation of the NSO. This training emphasizes the need for inter-agency reporting of data (in the National Statistical System) as well as regional and global reporting. It will also touch on metadata models that are part of a robust dissemination system.

  • Microdata Documentation 

PARIS21 will continue to provide training to NSOs and agencies in the NSS on microdata documentation using the DDI and the Metadata Editor. These were introduced as part of the ADP. These workshops are tailor made and range from 3-5 days. As the demand for these workshops is high, preference will be given to countries that are in the process of actively engaging agencies in the NSS to document and disseminate their data (administrative data and survey data), allowing for access to anonymized data, and extending their survey catalog in a collection-based architecture. 

  • Microdata Dissemination

PARIS21 has developed expertise in managing microdata and disseminating using the IHSN dissemination platform known as the NADA. PARIS21 will continue to offer support and training in NADA installation and management. Emphasis is being placed on promoting national data archives in a collection-architecture. A collection-architecture provides an independent space for agencies in the National Statistical Systems to manage their own survey catalog by retaining the data release rights and sharing the description of the study or survey in a central catalog. This is a three-day workshop and will be offered to those countries where four or more NADA administrators in different agencies have been identified to manage their collections.

PARIS21 will also periodically offer regional workshops to deal with broader issues that require convening technical officers to deal with new upgrades and other dissemination issues. 


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