PARIS21 organised the second Informing a Data Revolution Action Lab for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 15-16 October 2015. This was the second of a series of regional events and was organised back to back with the ADP Regional Review. The Action Lab raised awareness of mainstream international modernisation standards, the Informing a Data Revolution project and innovation work and resulted in the compilation of list of country bottlenecks for statistical processing.

During the workshop national statistical offices presented their role in their national statistical sytem and outlines the main bottleneck they need to overcome. The survey findings, information on modernisation standards, country statistical system experiences and the IDR innovations inventory were the main elements used as inputs to discussions to map existing country problems to actionable solutions. Data backup & recovery, Big Data sources, techniques and guidelines, statistical data warehouse technology, open source solutions, new tools & methods for data collection and integrating production systems from data collection to dissemination were the key areas where specific technical needs were identified.

During the next phase PARIS21 will draft action plans of proposed country needs and solutions, propose training modules prioritising content and involve regional actors for implementation.


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