Knowledge and Innovations

Understanding the new data environment is key to “harnessing” it. There are high expectations on the contribution that data and statistics can make to governance and development goals. A complex and rapidly evolving data ecosystem, as well as the new SDGs, present both opportunities and risks which countries need to understand better.
Having earned the trust of developing countries, PARIS21 is well-placed to provide a bridge between them and the multiplicity of data interests and agencies currently working on data and involved in monitoring the SDGs, and facilitate a knowledge and innovation exchange that brings together and shares the experience of individual partners and clients. Through its wide partnership, it can advise on the suitability and sustainability of innovations, and share other countries’ experience. It also has the flexibility to implement pilot projects for statistical capacity building, and identify specific needs for which innovations would be tested - from improved data collection and use of technology to new methods in analysis, user promotion and data dissemination in a cost-effective manner.