Asia-Pacific statistical officers learn 10 fundamentals of designing national statistics strategies


17 November 2015 to 19 November 2015

The 2nd NSDS Regional Training for Asia-Pacific, conducted by PARIS21 and in collaboration with the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), took place at the SIAP Headquarters in Chiba, Japan on 17-19 November 2015. It addressed specifically National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) managers, and their capacities to lead the design and implementation of NSDSs by following the 10 fundamental principles for preparing and implementing a statistics strategy.

PARIS21 held the training for eight middle- to senior-level statistical personnel of the national statistics offices (NSOs) of Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste. The training focussed on increasing NSOs’ knowledge of and appreciation for their role as coordinators of their national statistical systems. 

Discussions are underway to potentially turn the regional NSDS training course into a regular capacity building program run by SIAP. This would be done in partnership with PARIS21 and with support from the Government of Japan.

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