Preparing countries for the SDGs: Tools, processes and planning

Monday March 7 2016, 13:15 – 14:30

Conference Room 8 (CB), United Nations, New York



Adapting to the new data ecosystem is critical for national statistical offices (NSOs) tasked with coordinating data producers in the national statistical system to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To help statistical offices prepare for the changing environment, various partners are undertaking work in countries such as the UNSD Development Account Project and the PARIS21 Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT).

PARIS21 has developed a planning tool designed to help NSOs coordinate with other data producers and manage the data demands provided by the SDGs as defined by national priorities and a national development plan. ADAPT is a web-based tool that brings development stakeholders together to define the measurement context within an indicator framework for monitoring development. ADAPT is designed to identify gaps in data, reporting, financing and geography. It also contains planning and costing modules that facilitate data collection and prepare advocacy tools to mobilize financing.

The UNSD Development Account Project is a country consultation process designed to enhance national statistical capacity to measure, monitor, assess and report on progress towards the post-2015 goals and targets for sustainable development. It is a six-country project aimed to increase awareness and understanding among policymakers, data producers and users in the countries and increase capacity for data collection by, among other things, establishing a national implementation plan for monitoring and reporting progress.  The primary beneficiaries are NSOs.

The objective of this side event is to raise awareness and demonstrate the work of PARIS21 and UNSD  to help countries prepare for the SDGs; and to define concrete next steps and a vision for further implementation.

For a detailed agenda, please consult the attached document.

This is an open event, no RSVP is required.


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