Presenting ADAPT in the Philippines and Cambodia


6 February 2016 to 17 February 2016

The Philippine Statistical Agency (PSA) in Manila is the first country to fully pilot the ADAPT* system. An introductory workshop was undertaken with PSA from 9-12 February. The system was installed on the PSA server and tested for further development. The system was well-received by PSA and further establishes the partnership between PARIS21 and PSA. On-going development will be required with an eventual user workshop to be undertaken with PSA later this year. The ADAPT will be used to help plan for the next NSDS.

This workshop with PSA was followed with an introductory workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the National Institute of Statistics (NIS). The application was also well received. The NIS provided an important contrast to PSA. They are far more donor supported and the tool would require different emphasis and functionality than PSA which is largely government supported.

Both experiences will provide important input for driving further functionality of the tool.

*ADAPT (Advanced Data Planning Tool) is a tool intended on helping NSOs adjust to enhanced data demands in a rapidy changing environment.

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