The Sri Lanka National Statistical System along with PARIS21 recently organised an NSDS country training which included 50 participants from the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), various line ministries and government departments. It was the first ever training organised in Sri Lanka that brought together statistics stakeholders from different units of government.

Sri Lanka has no NSDS to date, and the DCS plans to formulate one with support from PARIS21 following the successful conduct of the training.

Issues and challenges for the NSS were raised during group discussions in the following areas:

  • Data availability, quality, and management
  • Co-ordination and partnerships between ministries and the DCS, within the DCS and within ministries
  • Resources (financial, human, infrastructure)
  • Statistical institutions including legal framework, NSS management, governance, co-ordination and partnership
  • Political environment and other national issues

An in-depth assessment of the national statistical system is planned to be conducted as part of the NSDS process. Other immediate plans in the Sri Lanka NSS include reviewing and updating of the statistical legislation/ordinance and preparing the Official Statistical Plan identifying the national indicators to be produced in the NSS.



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