Cameroon advances data planning with ADAPT


7 February 2017 to 10 February 2017


From 7-10 February 2017, PARIS21 was in Cameroon for the country's second Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) workshop. This mission focused on the tool's deployment and assessed the readiness of the country’s NSO in using the tool for its data planning exercise.  

Along with the Sustainable Development Goals and national development plan - contained in “Document de Stratégie pour la Croissance et l'Emploi,” presented under three strategic pillars: a growth strategy, an employment strategy and a strategic management of the State, and in annex “matrices de suivi des strategies sectorielles” - Cameroon is poised to utilise the exercise conducted through ADAPT to plan for upcoming data needs.

The Institut National de la Statistique du Cameroun will be using the ADAPT to complement the work done so far in SDG data gap assessments, take stock of the progress made, and develop a plan for further consolidation in this area. 

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