SDGs, Data and Capacity Development 

Location: Copenhagen | Statistics Denmark | Room: Foredragssalen

Date: 23 May 2017 | Time:13.15-15.00

The statistical follow-up on the SDGs is a new challenge for national statistical systems. But how do we strengthen statistical capacity in the light of the SDGs?

The seminar will address various aspects of strengthening statistical systems in developing countries given the numerous challenges and opportunities that relate to the SDGs. A specific focus will be put on how those challenges can be addressed by possible cross-institutional partnerships aiming at producing more and better data for follow-up on the SDGs and beyond.

Johannes Jütting is Manager of PARIS21, a global data partnership that promotes the improved use and production of statistics throughout the developing world.

Jørgen Elmeskov is the DG of Statistics Denmark since June 2013. In this function he is a member of the UN High Level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity-Building for statistics.

Adam Moe Fejerskov is a researcher at DIIS, focussing on development cooperation and institutionalist theoretical concerns of how ideas and practices are institutionalized.

Eva Grambye is the Deputy Executive Director of International Division of the Danish Institute for Human Rights with key competences in international human rights systems and sustainability.


For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Statistics Denmark website.