Third Regional Forum on Statistical Capacity Building for the Arab Region

The Third Arab Statistical Forum took place in Sana’a, Yemen from 17 to 19 April 2007 to follow up on the outcomes of the first two forums (Jordan, September 2003 and Oman, September 2005) and to explore the future potential partnership and cooperation between statistical offices; national, regional, and international donors; and the key users and stakeholders. The third day of the Forum was devoted to a regional workshop for the Arab region within the preparations for the OECD's Second World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge, and Policy on "Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies."

The Third Forum was organised by the Yemeni government through the Yemeni Central Statistical Organization, in coordination with PARIS21, the Statistical Commission of the League of Arab States, and the Statistical Commission of ESCWA.

Objectives of the Forum included:

  • Assessing the progress made since the first two forums and learning about challenges of implementation of case studies, sharing experience and knowledge.
  • Enhancing the concept of statistics for development and achieving the MDGs through developing national strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS).
  • Enhancing and encouraging effective participation of donors at the national, regional, and international levels in designing, preparing and financing the implementation of NSDSs.
  • Exploring the future perspectives to enhance statistical systems in the Arab region.
  • Identifying Arab region views and contribution to the Second World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge, and Policy.


PARIS21 Regional Workshop




17 April 2007 to 19 April 2007