The PARIS21 francophone Africa 2006 work programme includes the organisation of a visioconference with national NSDS design teams and Donors to facilitate the funding of NSDS design activities for countries having finalised their design Roadmap. Some of them have requested a TFSCB and all are entitled to ADB support within ICP-Africa project framework ; other donors also committed themselves to contribute.

13 countries are involved and we made two groups, as homogeneous as possible to take into account a recommendation made to PARIS21 Secretariat by countries in Addis Ababa last February. These two groups are :

- Group 1 : (6 countries) Cameroon, Gabon, Madagascar, Mauritania, RDC, Senegal. (Friday 10 July 2006)
- Group 2 : (7 countries) Benin, Burundi, Comoros, Guinea, Niger, RCA, Togo. (Wednesday 12 July 2006)

We organise two visioconferences, one for each group of counties, but both with the same Donors : WB (TFSCB and Africa region), ), IMF and PARIS21. ADB (Statistics and ICP), AFRISTAT (as ICP implementing agency) and France informed the PARIS21 Secretariat they are unable to participate.

The objectives are (1) to solve all outstanding problems related to funding design roadmaps and (2) to plan next steps regarding the implementation of the PARIS21 NSDS regional workshops programme.

Notes préparées par les pays participants à la visioconférence SNDS du 12 juillet 2006.