PARIS21 held a training task team meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon, from 18 to 19 September 2007. This meeting was organized with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the NSO of Cameroon, the ISSEA and the IFORD.

The tentative agenda was structured around the 3 following points:

1. Task team governance

  • Field of the Task team, planned end date, final report
  • Choice of one/several facilitators
  • Working rules, frequency of meetings, visioconferences, languages used

2. Implementation of Kampala recommandations (reminder)

  • Broaden the Network of Advanced Statistical Training Institutes in Africa (“Réseau d’Institutions pour la Formation Statistique Supérieure en Afrique – RIFOSSA”) (proposition to be submitted to all the training centres)
  • Conduct an analysis of the training components within existing NSDSs or NSDSs under development: TORs and study financing
  • Conduct an opportunity study on the creation of a trust fund for statistical training: TORs and study financing (this study will have to propose alternatives)
  • Improve advocacy for statistical training. The subgroup should propose terms of reference for the implementation of the following advocacy activities:
    1. Encourage countries to design training programmes included in their NSDS;
    2. Encourage donors to finance training within the framework of NSDS implementation;
    3. Support the centres in the promotion of their training offer to countries;
    4. Propose statistical training as a theme for the next African Statistics Day;
    5. Intervene and raise awareness at subregional and international fora or at multi-donor PRSP monitoring committees.

    3. Activities for 2007/2008

    • Contribution of the Task team to the next African Symposium (Accra, December)

    Final report - French
    Final report - English
    List of Participants
    Agenda - French
    Agenda - English
    Points Saillants et Principales Décisions
    Salient Points and Main Decisions
    Réflexions sur la création d’un fonds de capitalisation pour le financement de la formation statistique en Afrique
    Thoughts on the Creation of a Trust Fund to Finance Statistical Training in Africa
    Recensement des statisticiens et démographes du système national d’information statistique du Cameroun - année 2004
    Statistics des diplômés de l'ISEA Makerere University - Anglais