ESCAP logoData users and producers from the countries of East and North-East Asia shared experiences in strategic planning for statistics with representatives from bilateral, regional, and international organisations at a high-level forum held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 9-11 October 2006. Participants agreed a "Ulaanbaatar Initiative" which encouraged:

  • aligning national statistics development policies with national development agendas and internationally upheld development goals;
  • increased efforts in statistical advocacy in line with NSDSs;
  • cooperation among users and producers of statistics; and
  • the continued support and assistance of the UN, PARIS21 and UNESCAP as well as other international agencies to strengthen countries’ capacities in strategic statistical planning.

UNESCAP and PARIS21 collaborated with the Mongolian National Statistical Office in the organisation of the forum. The objective of the meeting was to assess the current status of strategic statistical planning in the sub-region; to identify the successes and constraints being experienced in implementing existing plans; and to consider solutions to those constraints and practical next steps. ESCAP is maintaining a site for the Forum as well.

This Forum was the last of four sub-regional events co-organised by the Statistics Division of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and PARIS21 and funded by UNDP and the Japanese Human Resources Development Fund. UNESCAP and PARIS21 are designing a programme of follow-up to these forums.

The first three forums of this programme were:


Final Report on the PARIS21/UNESCAP High-Level Forum on Strategic Planning in Statistics for East and North-East Asian Countries
Ulaanbaatar Initiative: Statement of Views by Representatives of Delegations
Draft Agenda
List of Participants
The Current Status of Strategic Statistical Planning: An Overview (Presentation)
The Current Status of Strategic Statistical Planning: An Overview
UNESCAP Resolution 62/10: "Strengthening statistical capacity in Asia and the Pacific"
Strategic Planning for Statistics at the ABS
German Experience in Development of the National Statistical System Through Strategic Approaches
Some issues in NSDS design and implementation planning
Toward Drastic Reform of Institutional Framework of the National Statistical System in Japan
A summary of the current status of strategic statistical planning in DPRK
National Policy Indicator System
User-Producer Dialogue in Hong Kong, China
Brief Introduction to the User-producer dialogue in China Statistical Practice
International Engagement Program of the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Advocacy for Statistics: Experience in Hong Kong, China
Advocacy for statistics
Statistics Across Borders: Statistical Co-operation
Reforming Health Information Systems: The HMN Framework
Objectives of the Forum
Welcome Address by NSO Mongolia Chairman
Keynote Speech by Speaker of the State Great Khural of Mongolian Parliment
Opening Statement by PARIS21
Opening Statement by ESCAP