UNFPA, in partnership with the PARIS21 Census Task Team and Statistics South Africa, and in cooperation with the US Bureau of Census and DFID, organised an International Expert Group Seminar on Population Census Data Dissemination and Use held on 10-12 November 2003, in the Saint Georges Hotel and Conference Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. The meeting, a follow-up to the November 2001 UNFPA/PARIS21 International Expert Group Meeting, was hosted by South Africa.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • review national and international experiences and best practices in census data dissemination and use in the 2000 round of censuses;
  • establish ways to establish partnerships between users and producers with a view to maximizing the better and wider use of census data; and
  • ensure that quality and timely population-based data are disseminated and used for national planning, poverty reduction strategies, monitoring of national and international development goals.


Report on the UNFPA/PARIS21 International Expert Group Seminar
Seminar Information Note
Opening Address: Mandisi Mpahlwa, Deputy Minister of Finance, South Africa
Opening Address: Ms Mari Simonen, Director Technical Support Division, UNFPA
Census Information Dissemination - South Africa
South Africa's 2001 Census dissemination Programme: what can we learn?
Impact of Census 2001 on Development Planning in the City of Johannesburg
Census 2001 results - South Africa
Statement by the South African Statistics Council on Census 2001
The strategies of dissemination of census products: Lessons learnt from some African countries (Part 1)
The strategies of dissemination of census products: Lessons learnt from some African countries (Part 2)
Leçons apprises des stratégies de diffusion des résultats des recensements au Cameroun
Population Census data dissemination and use: Gambia
Stratégie de diffusion et de valorisation des résultants du RGP/H 2001 (Niger)
Sudan population census 2004
Strategies of dissemination of Census products: lessons learnt from Zambia
Population Census 2000: Malaysia
The case for the 2001 Namibia census of population and housing: dissemination of populaton census results
Dissemination strategy: 2000 Census of Zambia
1999 Kenya Census of population and housing: tabulations
The African Census Analysis Project (ACAP): Census Data for Research & Proactive Planning in Africa
Census Databases as part of census dissemination package and for easy retrieval of data at the local level (South Africa)
Using Census Data to Measure Service Delivery at Provincial Level (South Africa)
Restricted-Access, integrated census microdata for social science and policy research: IPUMS-East/South Africa, a proposal
Assessing the Impact of HIV/AIDS: Information for Policy Dialogue
Session 5 Group I - Innovation in Census data use: Traditional uses
Session 5 Group II - Innovations in Census data utilization (Innovative uses)
UNFPA/PARIS21: Highlights from the Monday afternoon session
Use of Census data beyond post-census dissemination (Kenya)
Spatial Analysis for Social Indicators Survey 2001 (Statistics South Africa)
Annex: Target countries in Dutch development cooperation (Netherlands)
Funding and capacity constraints in the use and dissemination of census and dissemination of census data - the Netherlands (presentation)
Funding and Capacity Constraints in the Use and Dissemination of Census Data: the Netherlands (paper)
Opportunities and funding mechanisms in the use of Census data: The African Development Bank perspective
Afghanistan: National Advocacy for Support Census
Census Advocacy strategy
Indicateurs du recensement général de la population et de l'habitation : Bénin 2002
National and International Advocacy for Support for Censuses
Census Advocacy Programmes: PARIS21
International Programs Center: Meeting international information needs
National advocacy for support for Censuses: Ghana
National advocacy for support for Censuses: Tanzania (paper)
National advocacy for support for Censuses: Tanzania (presentation)