Central America Regional Workshop on National Strategies for the Development of Statistics

One of the conclusions that emerged from the April 2003 San Salvador workshop was to establish a project that will develop a medium-term strategy for Central American countries that enables them to address the problems of the region’s statistical systems and to propose adapted solutions. The successive meetings, such as the one held in Luxembourg, have helped define the needs of such a project.

The Provisional Secretariat of the Central American Statistical Committee sent a letter to the PARIS21 Secretariat proposing that the region’s countries serve as pilot countries for the methodology adopted by PARIS21. As pilot countries, they will undertake the process of developing National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) with financing adapted to the whole of its activities. The ultimate objective is to ensure that all the participating countries develop a strategy adopted in 2005 and that the strategies are implemented over the course of the following five years.

PARIS21 will ensure technical support and the mobilisation of international assistance and financial aid through international organisations during the NSDS development process. The workshop on NSDS development for Central American countries held 20-22 April 2004 in Panama City, Panana is part of this process.


PARIS21 Regional Workshop




20 April 2004 to 22 April 2004