ILO-PARIS21 Seminar on Capacity Building for Labour Statistics

ILO logoThe ILO Bureau of Statistics and PARIS21 held a statistical capacity building seminar on the morning of 3 December 2003 (the last day of the 17th International Conference of Labour Statisticians) in the Governing Body room of the ILO headquarters building, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Seminar was intended to identify approaches in capacity building for labour statistics, recognizing (i) labour statistics systems in their own right and (ii) labour statistics as part of the wider statistical system (including interaction with population census activities, establishment surveys activities, the household surveys programme, classifications, concepts, etc).

In the longer term, the Seminar might lead to a global programme of statistical capacity building in labour statistics. Such a programme would assist countries in the development of their national systems of labour statistics so that quality labour statistics are available for economic, social and labour market planning, especially within the context of the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda, for monitoring the attainment of Millennium Development Goals and in the preparation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers.



PARIS21 Task Team Meeting




3 December 2003