On 24 – 26 July 2002, PARIS21 held a Poverty Monitoring System workshop in Blantyre, Malawi. The workshop, titled "Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy (MPRS): Meeting the Information Needs of Policy," brought together stakeholders in the Malawi poverty monitoring system to agree to plans for developing the statistical system further. The meeting increased awareness in the country of the statistical products available and of the experiences of neighbouring countries in developing new approaches. Representatives of government, donor, and civil society organisations implemented the workshop, which was jointly funded by UNDP, PARIS21, and the Government of Malawi.

Workshop Final Report
Participants List
Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - Where are we now?
Poverty Reduction Information Systems (PRIS)
A Practical Guide to Developing Good Indicators – Based on Uganda's Experience
A Practical Guide to Developing Good Indicators – Based on Uganda's Experience (Presentation)
Poverty Monitoring System In Malawi: PARIS21 Consultant's Report
Monitoring Poverty in the MPRS: Some Priority Issues
Key Issues Identified in the Consultants' Report Requiring Further Discussion During the Stakeholder Workshop
Developing a Poverty Strategy Paper - What are the Information Needs?
Millennium Development Goals: Malawi 2002 Report
South Africa's Medium Term Expenditure Framework: Effective expenditure for development (Presentation)
Malawi Education Management Information System as an Inevitable Component of NSO's Database
Role of Agricultural Information in Poverty Monitoring in Malawi
Data Quality and Standards in the GDDS Framework
Tanzania Socio-Economic Database (TSED): Background, Achievement and Further Steps
Central Statistics Office of Botswana: Some Experiences
Impact and Outcome Monitoring
National Statistical Office Strategic Plan (2002-2005) - Presentation
What Is Expected of a Poverty Monitoring Plan (PMP)?
South Africa's Medium Term Expenditure Framework: Effective Expenditure for development
Budget Reform and Policy Implementation
Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Initiative: Emerging Opportunities
Press Release on the Uganda HIV/AIDS data
PRSP indicators and monitoring: rising to the challenge
Monitoring System in the Health Sector: Uganda