UNFPA/PARIS21 International Expert Group Meeting: Censuses

The PARIS21 Census task team has studied the problems of financing censuses from both developing country and donor perspectives and considered strategies for reducing census costs. Their conclusions were written up in a paper entitled "Population and Housing Censuses: A Funding Crisis?" that was presented at an international symposium on population censuses. The paper recommended the organisation of a follow-up meeting to systematically review ways of reducing census costs, while taking into account lessons learned and good practices. The government of South Africa agreed to host this meeting ("Mechanisms for Ensuring Continuity of 10-Year Population Censuses: Strategies for Reducing Censuses Costs"), which took place in Pretoria, from 26-29 November 2001, and was organised by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The Pretoria meeting proposed that UNFPA/PARIS21, in collaboration with other partners, should focus on the following over the next two years: cross-country reviews, an assessment of existing materials, census advocacy tools, a good practice database, a census bulletin board, south–south co-operation, and donor co-operation. A follow-up to the November 2001 meeting was held from 10-12 November 2003 in Pretoria.


PARIS21 Task Team Meeting




26 November 2001 to 29 November 2001