A PARIS21 workshop for the countries of East Africa and the Great Horn was held in Kampala from 23 July to 26 July 2001. Senior policy-makers and statisticians from 7 countries attended. The purpose of this workshop was to strengthen links between those who produce statistics and those who use data and information in developing, setting and monitoring key policy areas. The meeting explored good practice from the region and beyond in using data in policy contexts and to promote evidence-based policy making. There were opportunities for the participants to review the current regional and international development agenda and for country teams to discuss and develop these ideas in the context of their own country situations.

Shared experiences particularly valued by the participants were:


Each country team developed an outline plan or strategy to be taken forward for implementation after the meeting.


Workshop Final Report: Supporting Policy with Statistics – Developing a Strategic Approach
Summary Recommendations from the East Africa and Great Horn Workshop
Opening Remarks from the PARIS21 Secretariat
The Country Group Discussions and the Conclusions
Measuring Health Policy Indicators in Uganda: Supporting Policy With Statistics - Developing A Strategic Approach
The Core Welfare Indicators Questionnaire: A CWIQ Option for Monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies
Poverty Mapping
Combining Participatory and Survey-Based Approaches to Poverty Monitoring and Analysis For the purpose of Monitoring the Implementation of the PEAP
Country monitoring of International Development Goals - the case of Tanzania
PRSPs and National Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
The United Nations and the International/Millennium Declaration Development Goals (MDGs): Tanzania Country Report
PRSPs and National Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities (Presentation)
Household Surveys in Poverty Monitoring and Analysis, A Case of Uganda
Follow up of Addis Ababa Plan of Action – CODI
Sequenced Information Strategies
Development of Information For Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper In Zambia (Presentation)
Development of Information Strategy for Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) in Zambia
Advocacy For Statistics And Statistical Governance
Country Action Plan – Burundi
Country Action Plan – Eritrea
Country Action Plan – Ethiopia
Plan of Action - Tanzania
The Kenyan Action Plan (Presentation)
Plan of Action - Uganda
National Statistical System for Rwanda
Statistical Programme for Rwanda (Short Term)