Paris - FRANCE

Cross Regional Forum: Financing Mechanisms

A cross-regional forum “Funding Statistical Development: Good Practices and Opportunities with the 2030 Agenda” will be held on 30-31 October 2017, with the objective of presenting good practices on the financing of statistics from all regions, discussing the replicability/scalability of these good practices, providing recommendations to implement them, and informing PARIS21 tools and guidelines related to statistical funding (ADAPT, NSDS Guidelines, PRESS, CRESS, advocacy tools, etc.).

Cross Regional Forum: Agenda 2030 and the SIDS

Realising the constraints facing SIDS to fully comply with monitoring these new agendas and ensuring it is aligned with their own country priorities, PARIS21 will bring together representative SIDS countries from Pacific, Caribbean, and AIMS regions to agree on a set of recommendations towards a SIDS statistics strategy and action plan for monitoring the SDGs and SAMOA Pathway.  To do this, it