PARIS21 drives inclusive statistical development in 5 key impact areas.

Advocating and Funding Statistics 

With its strong track record of providing a voice to developing countries, PARIS21 continues to foster and champion the statistical development interests and needs of countries through its extensive statistical advocacy interventions across the national, regional and global levels. Its fundamental approach to advocacy underpins the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, raising demand for the wider use of data and statistics in decision-making and bolstering recognition, support and funding to statistics at the highest and broadest levels of government. 

> The Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) is one of PARIS21's flagship publications and presents data on technical and financial support to statistical development worldwide. 

Building and Sharing Knowledge

Focusing on the core needs and interests of developing countries on building statistical capacities and exchanging knowledge and practices of individual partners and clients, PARIS21 remains responsive by providing on-demand services to position countries to take advantage of new opportunities for statistical development.

> PARIS21’s cross-regional fora were launched as a platform of engagement and exchange to bring together multiple stakeholders from the national, regional and global levels to discuss good practices, experiences, and challenges on different statistical themes.

Developing Innovative Solutions for Statistics

Increasing demands for high-quality and timely data require new solutions. To respond to this demand, PARIS21 has developed a number of innovative tools to help countries better respond to the changing data ecosystem.

> PARIS21 developed the Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) for data producers in the national statistical system to consult, cost and chart indicators for national and international objectives.

Engaging in International Initiatives

Building effective and inclusive partnerships is core to PARIS21’s work. It engages with various stakeholders to support initiatives at the national, regional and global levels that establish well-coordinated statistical systems and advance the overall statistical capacity development agenda. PARIS21 has a strong history of catalysing co-ordination and dialogue amongst different data communities.

> PARIS21 continues to advocate for national statistics at the regional and international levels through engaged membership in various High Level Working Groups.

Strengthening Statistical Systems 

Working closely with statistical institutions and key stakeholders, PARIS21 accelerates reforms and helps modernise national and regional statistical systems by retooling statistical strategies and plans, and reinforcing institutional transformations, while contributing to global statistical development.

> PARIS21 focuses its efforts on encouraging and assisting all low-income and lower middle-income countries to design, implement, and monitor National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) and to have nationally owned and produced data for all SDG indicators.